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What We Do

Alchemy works directly with brands, companies, and agencies. We bring to life out-of-home media campaigns that meet your budget, timeline, and targets.

Tales Dedicated Wildposting Alchemy Media

Advertising Strategy

OOOH advertising is not just a box to check on a media spreadsheet, it can be a difference-maker that is key to your campaign’s success. Here is how Alchemy helps you achieve that…

DoorDash Street-Level Billboard Alchemy Media

The Street-Level Ad Advantage

One of the benefits of being around since 1969 is that we know how consumers see ads. And that engagement is quick and instinctive. Alchemy acquires real estate with one purpose in mind: to optimize sight lines, as well as the metrics that come with them. From LA to NYC and in between, this is how we better design and deliver on your campaign strategy.

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Burberry Wildposting Ad Alchemy Media

Expert Analysis

When you work with Alchemy, you gain insight into decades of learning. This helps us create out-of-home campaigns that hit your target demographics and desired numbers—including everything from one specific location to a nationwide strategy.

Honest Tea Billboard Ground-Level View

Metrics That Matter

Alchemy’s signs are audited by Geopath, the leader in measuring audiences for the out-of-home media industry. With these analytics, we can confidently validate your investments in Alchemy campaigns.

Catch 22 Dedicated Wildposting Alchemy Media


We’ve architected campaigns with clients across countless verticals, each with unique objectives. And they keep coming back to us. Here’s why.

DJ Khaled and Weight Watchers Case Study Experiential Activations OOH Advertising DJ Khaled + Weight Watchers

By assisting with permits and logistics, Alchemy helped bring “Khaled’s Kitchen Tour” across a total of eight strategic cities, drawing the attention of food lovers and fans nationwide.

Facebook Oculus Case Study NY and LA Floor Sidewalk Graphics OOH Advertising Facebook Oculus

Alchemy installed 6.5’ x 6.5’ floor graphics around New York and Los Angeles to disrupt sightlines by depicting how much space is needed for an Oculus gym at home.

Goodr Case Study NY Experiential Activations OOH Advertising Goodr

Lines wrapped around the block for this overnight activation, which transported New Yorkers to a tropical oasis and increased brand visibility through free sunglasses and swag giveaways.

Guns 'N Roses Case Study 3D Lenticular Hand Painted Ad Guns ‘N Roses

For the release of the Guns N’ Roses 30th Anniversary “Use Your Illusion” Box Set, Alchemy imitated the two-image illusion on the cover with a 16-foot hand painted 3D lenticular on the famous Roxy Theatre.

Toyota Prius Case Study 3D Lenticular Toyota Prius

Toyota wanted to showcase their new hybrid Prius in a cutting-edge way to engage young Asian American consumers, so Alchemy created a 3D animated display on our barricade in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Y The Last Man Standing Case Study Experiental Activations OOH Advertising Y: The Last Man

Alchemy created a newsstand to distribute branded newspapers to New Yorkers and help spread the word about the new FX post-apocalyptic drama.

Glossier Case Study Experiential Activations OOH Advertising Glossier

Alchemy helped spread the news of Glossier’s flagship store return to SoHo by deploying pink branded newspaper boxes at strategic local destinations in the neighborhood, along with XL Bow Brow props at prime intersections.

John Hardy

John Hardy wanted to increase awareness during key timing in NYC—New York Fashion Week. They blanketed SoHo to hit their target demographic.


The innovative e-bike retailer wanted to target their store locations while getting their name out there and driving sales.


Using a combination of traditional wildposting and dedicated ad spaces, Vans had a direct influence on their target market.

Blockers Case Study Alchemy Media Universal Pictures – Blockers

Universal wanted to increase awareness among moviegoers pending the release of its new film Blockers.

AT&T Case Study Alchemy Media AT&T

The telecom giant turned to Alchemy for a multicity campaign that would reach people of color.

Universal Pictures Case Study Alchemy Media Us

This three-phase campaign stoked fan excitement from trailer drop to SXSW premiere to theatrical debut.

Tyler, the Creator Case Study Alchemy Media Tyler, the Creator

Columbia Records recruited us to help tout a surprise record drop that would yield social-media traction.

BarkBox Case Study Alchemy Media Bark Box

The experiential campaign leveraged social media and mobile technology to build brand awareness.

Med Men Ad Alchemy Media MedMen

The cannabis company came to Alchemy to expand their brand, while keeping them compliant.

Vita Coco Case Study Alchemy Media Vita Coco

The CPG company used street-level media to spike sales and drive awareness for two of its brands.

Types of

Whether you’re looking for classic wildposting or a customized out-of-home experience, you’ve got options.
Katy Perry Wildposting Alchemy Media Wild Posting (Traditional)

Alchemy has more entitled offerings than any other urban street-media company. We scale to budget and leverage metrics to suggest desirable locations.

ESPN Turf Expanded Ad Alchemy Media Custom Street-Level Billboards

We can tailor your visuals for better brand recognition. This is a unique, first-to-market way to stand out from the visual noise in major markets.

Gatorade Wildposting Alchemy Media Barricades

Unique to LA, these are one of our most popular offerings that allow you to own and dominate an entire corner.

Shazam Hand-Painted Ad Alchemy Media Painted Wall Murals & Hand Paints

Alchemy’s team of muralists are experienced and adept at brand work, offering fresh, street-smart imagery.

Glenlivet Poster Shoot Alchemy Media Experiential

Alchemy’s process is turnkey: coming up with creative concepts and taking care of activation location and logistics, such as permits.

BarkBox Experiential Advertising Alchemy Media Mobile

This capability works with advertising media to amplify your reach through mobile users, spreading brand awareness and encouraging website visits.

Graffiti Ads

Designed by Alchemy or your own painter, these popular ads can range in size from small hand paints to sprawling murals.

Sidewalk Graphics

Intended to capture the downward gaze, these decals or graphics are placed on walkways, before doorways, and at parking garage entryways.

Out-of-Home Markets

See Alchemy’s most popular markets for OOH advertising across the U.S.—and we are continually adding markets to our portfolio. Check with a sales rep for details, including offerings in Canada and Europe.