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Customized Street-Level Billboards

Street-level billboards are an innovative and cost-effective way to build brand awareness and recognition by putting eye-catching visuals directly in consumers' sightlines.

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The Street-Level Advertising Advantage

We place your advertisements in the top 29 designated market areas across the country, at eye-level where they cannot be missed, and, in many cases, we build them in areas with little to no other out of home advertising, allowing your campaign to own the streets. Being at street-level is a huge advantage in our social media immersed society. Interactive ads keyed off of longitudes and latitudes, beacons or scannable QR codes, boost engagement from passersby, and celebrities often take pictures with ads to post on their feeds. Clients oftentimes film time-lapse videos of the billboard installs for social content as well. We can even install motion-triggered audio to supplement ads for a unique engagement experience.

The Science of Sight lines

We optimize street-level views. Walking down the street, stopping in traffic, riding bikes, or getting off the train, people are more likely to see what’s right in front of them. We use audited Geopath metrics to choose sites at natural sightlines that will maximize your exposure. Traditional billboards on the side of the highway get a fleeting glance, whereas putting your ad directly along consumers’ paths gives them the opportunity to linger, engage, and even interact.

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Different Types of Street-Level Billboards

Alchemy invented Dedicated Locations, an entire site devoted to a single advertiser. We then transitioned into filling the space with murals or large format images. We also created the Illumicade™, the market’s first ever backlit street-level billboard covering entire city blocks.

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The difference between Dedicated street-level billboards and Traditional Wildposting

Traditional wildposting is about reach and frequency. Multiple identical posters fill a space that is typically shared by other advertisers, and the locations are sold as showings of multiple sign locations throughout a market. A Traditional wildposting campaign is typically sold as a package, or “showing,” repeated in different areas throughout the city, and can be executed across Alchemy’s various markets nationwide to amplify our clients’ messaging.

Dedicated street-level billboards, like all media owned by Alchemy, are of the highest quality, fully entitled street level media and are typically purchased by one advertiser who wants maximum exposure at that specific location. These ads are used to make an impact at a defined location within a city, and oftentimes advertisers will purchase a package of multiple Dedicated signs within a city.

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Case Studies

Vita Coco Case Study Alchemy Media Vita Coco

The CPG company used street-level media to spike sales and drive awareness for two of its brands.

Med Men Ad Alchemy Media MedMen

The cannabis company came to Alchemy to expand their brand, while keeping them compliant.