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Mobile Advertising

Let Alchemy increase your brand’s reach beyond the streets with mobile advertising.

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What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is just what you’re thinking: ads that appear on mobile devices. These targeted ads pop up on phones and tablets at times and locations that are optimal for your campaign. Using text messages, ads on mobile websites, and more, these show up at times or places where people will ideally engage.

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How Mobile Advertising is Different

The objective of a successful mobile advertising campaign is to ensure that your brand shows up at the right time and in the right place. Using a combination of geo-location and digital advertising technology, we’re able to design targeted geofences that activate hyper-relevant ads on mobile devices. We can target devices actively in or recently in a specific area, then serve them promotional offers in a digital format.

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Why Mobile Advertising Matters

Mobile ads put you right in your customers’ pockets. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population own a mobile device—that’s over five billion people. Imagine that kind of reach! And studies show that 90% of smartphone users recall ads they’ve seen within a few days. With recent numbers showing more people are noticing OOH ads due to hyperlocal travel, it just makes sense to combine these two highly effective strategies.

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Strategic Mobile Targeting Combined with Street Level Advertising

Creating OOH visuals that work in tandem with mobile advertising is an easy and efficient way to increase your reach. This could take the form of a scannable QR code that links to your website. Or it could be a text message or ad that appears when the person passes your street-level visual.

It could even be an interactive social media campaign, like we did for BarkBox. We create an OOH visual encouraging passersby to snap a picture or record a video engaging with the ad. They’re inspired to share it on social media with specific tags, bringing traffic to your profiles and website. Check out the BarkBox National Dog Day Campaign below to see how this could boost your brand.

An Example of Mobile Advertising in Action

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Blockers Case Study Alchemy Media Universal Pictures – Blockers

Universal wanted to increase awareness among moviegoers pending the release of its new film Blockers.