OKCupid Dedicated Wildposting Alchemy Media

Wild Posting & OOH Advertising

Wild Posting advertising is the original out-of-home medium. Today, it takes many forms beyond the traditional checkerboard poster patterns, including street-level billboards, towering wallscapes, experiential activations, mobile-interactive media, and more.

Katy Perry Wildposting Alchemy Media

Traditional Wild Posting

Alchemy has more entitled offerings than any other urban street-media company. We scale to budget and leverage metrics to suggest desirable locations.
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Custom Street-Level Billboards

We can tailor your visuals for better brand recognition. This is a unique, first-to-market way to stand out from the visual noise in major markets.
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Gatorade Wildposting Alchemy Media

Barricades (Dedicated)

One of our most high-impact investments, barricades offer advertisers a variety of posting options, from multiple-poster experiences to street-level murals.
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Shazam Hand-Painted Ad Alchemy Media

Painted Walls & Murals

Alchemy’s team of muralists are experienced and adept at brand work, offering fresh, street-smart imagery.
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Glenlivet Poster Shoot Alchemy Media


Alchemy’s process is turnkey: coming up with creative concepts and taking care of activation location and logistics, such as permits.
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BarkBox Experiential Advertising Alchemy Media

Mobile-Interactive Ads

This capability works with advertising media to amplify your reach through mobile users, spreading brand awareness and encouraging website visits.
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