OKCupid Dedicated Wildposting Alchemy Media

Wild Posting

Wild Posting is the original out of home medium. Its origins stretch back to paper announcements in town squares of medieval Europe during the Middle Ages. Today, wildposting, also known as "sniping" or "flyposting," is earmarked by step and repeat, checkerboard posting patterns, utilizing multiple posters organically at eye level, in urban markets worldwide.

Katy Perry Wildposting Alchemy Media

Wild Posting (Traditional)

Alchemy has more entitled offerings than any other urban street-media company. We scale to budget and leverage metrics to suggest desirable locations.

Custom Street-Level Billboards

We can tailor your visuals for better brand recognition. This is a unique, first-to-market way to stand out from the visual noise in major markets.
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Gatorade Wildposting Alchemy Media

Barricades (Dedicated)

One of our most high-impact investments, barricades offer advertisers a variety of posting options, from multiple-poster experiences to street-level murals.

Shazam Hand-Painted Ad Alchemy Media

Painted Walls / Murals

Alchemy’s team of muralists are experienced and adept at brand work, offering fresh, street-smart imagery.
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Glenlivet Poster Shoot Alchemy Media


Alchemy’s process is turnkey: coming up with creative concepts and taking care of activation location and logistics, such as permits.
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BarkBox Experiential Advertising Alchemy Media


This capability works with advertising media to amplify your reach through mobile users, spreading brand awareness and encouraging website visits.