USA Women's Soccer Wall Mural Alchemy Media

Painted Wall Murals & Hand-Painted Advertising

Alchemy elevates your brand with striking murals on paper or vinyl and hand-painted ads created by commissioned artists.

She-Ra Catra Painted Wall Mural Alchemy Media

What is Painted Wall Advertising?

Have you ever walked a downtown street and seen faded letters splashed across a brick building? Those are the hand-painted advertisements of old. Today, OOH advertising companies like Alchemy are modernizing this age-old method. We paint targeted locations with eye-catching artwork to create bold advertisements for your brand.

Nina Pandolfo Hand-Painted Wall Mural Alchemy Media

Hand-Painted Ads Stand Out

These stunning visuals are artistic and edgy, and keep your brand relevant and fresh. Hand-painted ads stand out in a way other ads don’t—because they feel personal. People see these (often massive) works of art and know someone poured their heart and soul into the creation. And we offer these ads at many locations across the country, so you can shine in the best market for your brand.

Neon Painted Wall Mural Alchemy Media

This Type of Creative Elevates Advertising to Art

Our partners can paint anything, so you get a completely unique ad that elevates your brand. Pictures of these ads are frequently shared on social media, giving you even more reach and authenticity. And, because we team up with talented individuals at every level, we can typically work within your budget.

Corona Hand-Painted Advertising Alchemy Media

Hand-Paints and Murals are an Enhanced form of Advertising

Ready to take your campaign to the next level? Hand-painted ads take more time and commitment than other ads—and they’re worth the effort. Bring style and allure to your brand and stand out from the crowd. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Examples of Hand-Painted Advertising

Verizon 5G Wall Mural Alchemy Media Verizon

USA Women's Soccer Wall Mural Alchemy Media USA Women's Soccer

Shazam Hand-Painted Advertising Alchemy Media Shazam!