Experiential Advertising & Activations

Alchemy has permitted inventory and access to real estate in some of the most highly sought-after zip codes around the country. Boost excitement for your brand with strategy and execution that encourages people to become part of the experience. Create word-of-mouth exposure and sustain that buzz through social media interactions.

About Experiential Advertising

Experiential advertising is exactly what you’re probably thinking: campaigns people can participate in and interact with. Picture a poster with an interesting texture—you want to touch it to see how it feels. These ads invoke a second sense beyond sight, such as a placement with music or a sound bite to listen to or a photo where people can “become” the ad. They can take the shape of a can’t-be-missed projection that commands an environment while blending into it, or objects you can take away from the ad as mementos or gifts. And it all culminates in the form of interactive events, where potential customers can engage with or “try out” a product or service.

Experiential Event Advertising

Experiential also takes place in the form of events, which is where Alchemy really holds the key. We have the Real Estate. Our contacts and capabilities run much deeper than just static ad placement. We have relationships that encompass some of the biggest players in commercial real estate, as well as the largest parking lot operators across the country. Let us connect your brand directly with the communities of New York, LA, Austin, Miami, or any other major media market across the US and Europe.

Experiences Drive Word of Mouth

Volkswagen dubbed it the “Fun Theory”: you can influence people’s behavior with a fun experience. You’re more likely to remember an interaction you enjoyed, and you’re more likely to share the memory with others. We help you create memorable, hands-on ad experiences. Make people stop, look, and enthusiastically participate, and they’ll spread your message for you.

Combining Wildposting & Experiential Marketing

Running a wildposting campaign one to two weeks before your event is a great way to promote it and drive more interest. As with many other forms of OOH advertising, these work in tandem to create as much buzz as possible. Some clients hire a separate brand ambassador team to hand out flyers or promotional materials near an experiential activation.

Alchemy X Marketing is Refreshingly Turnkey

So what makes Alchemy different from other experiential companies? Real Estate and confidence in execution. We do what we say we can do. Alchemy firmly believes that experiential is truly effective engagement marketing—it raises brand awareness, cultivates more business opportunity, and nurtures long standing client relationships.

We take the lead through each stage of the experiential activation process, including permitting, customization, technology, staging, load in, breakdown, and more.




Expand refers to one sheets and ads that project out from flat surfaces. These are typically one sheet posters that we frame to make them stand out more. They can also be in-venue signage, stencils, or sidewalk chalk art.

Projections are another way of “expanding” your ad. Our projectionists can transmit your ad onto nearly any surface. The team employs 2D mapping to ensure there is no distortion, and we make sure we pick the right wall for your needs.



Extensions are ads that move beyond static visuals. The poster might have a fun texture, like turf to promote ESPN Monday Night Football. You might add tearaways or audio bites to encourage passersby to interact with and even hear the advertisement. Or we can build three-dimensional ads, like affixing dog toys to a posting for Amazon’s The Pack. While passing pups played with the anchored toys, their humans took advantage of free hand sanitizer and waste bags.

These ads grab attention beyond sightlines. Hearing a catchy song or a familiar clip from a movie or show triggers a response, and increases the likelihood they will remember the associations. Give people a piece of your ad to take with them, and they’ll think of your brand later on. They’ll probably show it to others, expanding your reach even further. These projects are photo and social media ready, and are often shared across multiple platforms by all parties involved. eXtension thrives on the multiplier effect.



We have premium event spaces across the nation, and we’ve already done the permit work for you. We are turnkey and handle all the logistical issues, too, such as electrical wiring for activations, neighborhood considerations, and security. Either bring us the idea, collaborate with us to find it, or enroll us to offer the solutions. Then sit back and watch a great event come to life.

Build a sustainable farm experience on a city street. Set up a freezer box for passersby to test winter coats. Or take a page from Glenlivet’s book and serve drinks from a pop-up street bar. All of these are fun, interactive ways to let people truly experience your brand or product.

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