Experience the Street-Level Advantage

It’s a fundamental principle in the advertising business: get your ads where the right people will see them! You want your ads, and your brand, noticed—and you want people to engage with them. This is where street-level advertising stands out. It puts your ads directly in people’s sightlines, and in a way that consumers can interact and connect with your message.

Sightlines Are the Key

So, what are “sightlines?” To put it simply, think of a sightline as an imaginary line between an observer’s eye and the subject of interest. We use Geopath targeting and metrics to make sure your placements get the maximum reach and frequency. And smart, detailed reporting tells us what’s working—and what isn’t—so we’re always improving on our placement.

When you’re walking down the street, your sightline is typically straight ahead. People tend to see what is in front of them, which gives street-level advertising a major advantage over other types of out-of-home advertising.

The Value In Reach, Frequency, and Speed

Street-level advertisements get your message across in two key ways—by expanding your reach and increasing the frequency of that reach. Ads can be constructed in thousands of high-traffic locations across the country. This has the potential to put brand messaging in front of millions of eyes in every major market. And you have the option to target based on the demographics you’re hoping to attract.

Not only can you drive brand recognition with your campaign’s creative layout at one effective location, you can also create impact by covering multiple locations in a single market using the same layout. Imagine you’re walking down Sunset in LA and you see an ad for a Netflix show. The design catches your eye and your brain makes a mental note as you pass by. Two blocks over, you see the same ad again. The chances you’ll remember to look up that show when you get home is now even more likely.

A major advantage of working with us is we get your ads up faster than anyone else. Alchemy goes from sales call to contract to production to installation quicker than any company in the street-level business. It’s our calling card. Imagine a placement going up so quickly and efficiently, it drives traffic to stores before the employees even know they have new inventory. You don’t have to envision too hard—it actually happened! Check out our case study on the Vans MTE campaign to learn more.

How Street-Level Beats Traditional Out-of-Home Advertising

There are so many different types of OOH advertising, and without tried and true calculations, deciding what will give you the best return on your investment can be overwhelming. Billboards are harder to engage with—drivers aren’t going to stop their car on the side of the highway to interact with a billboard. Pedestrians can’t stop and take a picture or snap a QR Code in front of them. Street-level ads offer an experience, not just a visual.

This is not to say street-level ads are drama free. Being within arms reach is unique, but also uniquely accessible. We don’t let your pros become cons, though, which is why our operational process has been developed and honed to catch problems close to real time, and fix them just as fast.

Understanding the Types of Street Level Advertising

Street-level goes beyond static images, too. Tearaways, experiential ads, triggered sound bites are all ways you can add a little something extra to really grab people’s attention. Mobile advertising works in tandem with visual OOH ads to push your reach even further. And we have Illumicades™, backlit street-level billboards that literally shine. Learn more about how we can take your advertising to the next level.