Unique Campaigns That Work Again & Again

Fifty years in the business has allowed us to execute OOH campaigns for countless industries and companies. We know where to place your ad to get maximum exposure and showcase your brand, and we’re proud to say our method works—just ask our partners who keep coming back.

Lasting Partnerships from Fortune 500 to New Startups

Our advertisers include businesses of all sizes, even ones that are still establishing themselves. We work to get each of our partners’ messages to the masses, wherever their target market—or markets—may be. Our partners continually come back to us because they know we get results. We’re not just here for one wild posting campaign; we’re here for the long haul.

Results You Can Measure

Our street-level advantage does the job, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our wild posting campaigns produce tangible results. Take Amazon Prime’s The Pack as an example: the streaming giant wanted to promote their reality show about an adventure competition involving dogs in a fun and memorable way.

Using our dedicated sites in four prime locations, we put up large billboard graphics advertising the show, enhanced with chew toys for the dogs and takeaway waste bags for pet owners. The campaign ran for two weeks, totaling 2.1 million impressions over that span.

You can check out The Pack’s Case Study here, along with our Case Studies for campaigns including Vans, Universal Pictures, BarkBox, and more.

Catch 22 Dedicated Wildposting Alchemy Media


We’ve architected campaigns with clients across countless verticals, each with unique objectives. And they keep coming back to us. Here’s why.

AT&T Case Study Alchemy Media AT&T

The telecom giant turned to Alchemy for a multicity campaign that would reach people of color.


Using a combination of traditional wildposting and dedicated ad spaces, Vans had a direct influence on their target market.

Blockers Case Study Alchemy Media Universal Pictures – Blockers

Universal wanted to increase awareness among moviegoers pending the release of its new film Blockers.

Universal Pictures Case Study Alchemy Media Us

This three-phase campaign stoked fan excitement from trailer drop to SXSW premiere to theatrical debut.

Tyler, the Creator Case Study Alchemy Media Tyler, the Creator

Columbia Records recruited us to help tout a surprise record drop that would yield social-media traction.

BarkBox Case Study Alchemy Media Bark Box

The experiential campaign leveraged social media and mobile technology to build brand awareness.

Med Men Ad Alchemy Media MedMen

The cannabis company came to Alchemy to expand their brand, while keeping them compliant.

Vita Coco Case Study Alchemy Media Vita Coco

The CPG company used street-level media to spike sales and drive awareness for two of its brands.