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Traditional Wild Posting

The original out-of-home medium, wild posting origins stretch back to paper announcements in town squares of medieval Europe during the Middle Ages. Today, it's earmarked by step-and-repeat checkerboard patterns of multiple posters at eye level in urban markets worldwide.

Wildposting Benefits Alchemy Media

The Benefits of Wild Posting

With the explosion in the growth of outdoor advertising over the past half-century, wild posting has become the flexible street medium of choice for highly cost-effective hyperlocal targeting, as well as citywide reach and frequency campaigns. By combining Dedicated street-level signage with citywide traditional reach and frequency, these ads enable advertisers to target their offerings while continuously reinforcing messaging on a citywide basis. The true power of these campaigns is in their ability to combine highly cost-effective consumer-based placement coupled with the fortifying capability of reach and frequency advertising.

The History of Wild Posting

Early documentation of wild postings can be seen in historical texts dating back to middle Europe during the 15th century. Announcements or proclamations were affixed in town squares throughout Europe to maximize exposure during market days. Starting as a method to communicate local news, as time went on, these postings were used to promote local goods and services, activism, cultural information, and directional advertising for public houses and other important venues in the area. The practice became so popular that, as far back as the 1890s, instructions were widely published on how to remove posters by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in order to prevent damage.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, wild posting took over major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan. In the late 1960s, Alchemy’s predecessor, National Promotions & Advertising emerged out of Los Angeles and began to consolidate the street media industry nationwide. While Star Wars proved to be a huge break in the late 1970s, it was the Apple iPod’s introduction in the early 2000s that helped to broaden out, legitimize and popularize Alchemy’s media nationwide, with industries as varied as automotive, fashion, food and beverage, travel, sports, finance and banking, and pharmaceuticals using wild postings to help drive home their brand messaging.

Wildposting Industries Alchemy Media

Industries That Do Well With Wild Posting

Street media is generally considered one of the “hottest” sectors of the much broader out-of-home media marketplace, and wild posting places Alchemy in a leadership position in the street media market. Alchemy works with a broad array of Fortune 500 and startup companies across a wide range of industries. Fashion, Beauty, CPG, Automotive, Pharma, and Food and Beverage clients are among some of the top industries that Alchemy has served for years. Startup companies and up-and-coming brands find the cost-effective reach and frequency attributes of Alchemy’s wild posting medium to be successful for building broad brand recognition across its top 29 designated market areas domestically, and, through partnerships, across Europe as well.

Wildposting Pricing Alchemy Media

Wild Posting Pricing

Alchemy offers two different core wild posting products; Dedicated Wild Postings that are sold to one advertiser for a specific location(s); and Traditional Wild Posting where the advertiser buys a “packaged showing” of as many as 100 distinct locations across a city, and the advertiser shares each sign location with other advertisers. Pricing for either or both products is extremely cost-effective and flexible. Cost is determined by the market, term of buy, number of locations purchased in a showing, and the number of posters printed. Multiple market and multiple period buys are also part of the pricing equation.

Wildposting Names Alchemy Media

Other Names for Wild Posting

Wild posting has been known by many names throughout the centuries, such as Broadsides, Wheatpasting, Flyposting, Sniping, Billposting and Postering. Today, these ads are often referred to as street-level billboards or bulletins, barricades, hand paints, and one-sheets; all part of the broader street media industry that Alchemy leads.

Alchemy’s Wild Posting Services

As the world leader in the street media industry with over 4000 domestic locations across our 29 markets, Alchemy offers the entire breadth of street-level advertising and promotional services and inventory, including barricades, painted wall murals, and mobile-interactive media. Additionally, Alchemy offers an entire suite of experiential capabilities that work in conjunction with Alchemy’s core wildposting business. We are also the first and only provider of Illumicades™. This is an original innovation of backlit street-level media that further optimize our client’s reach and engagement.

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