Traffic-Stopping Barricade Ads

Own the streets of LA with your ads spread across expansive barricades. Alchemy can help place your ads on high-impact barricades along busy city streets, which strategically positions your creative at eye-level and provides brand-ad repetition that runs up a block and around major intersections. We will make sure your out-of-home wild posting campaign earns market share because our locations offer rare opportunities for OOH advertising in areas with premium real estate.

We Have the Real Estate—and the Experience

We’ve been in street-level advertising for 50 years, and have sold ads on barricades longer than any other major company. This makes sense, considering Alchemy birthed and pioneered the program that allows barricade advertising to be fully entitled. Over time, we have optimized our barricades for ad-campaign effectiveness. We can even acquire custom locations for specific wild posting campaigns.

Sprawling and striking, barricades often command full city blocks and even turn corners for maximum impact. They can accommodate various types of ad creatives, from montages of single posters to elongated, horizontal murals that feel like street-level billboards. We also have more barricade opportunities than anyone else in the industry—no matter what size or shape you need, we have a unit that will work.

Looking to dominate a specific street corner? One of our most popular units at the intersection of Melrose Ave and La Brea Ave does just that. It’s perfectly located right where the lure of Hollywood meets the glitz of Hancock Park, the excitement of the Melrose shopping corridor, and the celebrity of the La Brea shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Our Barricade Ads Are Customizable

What makes barricade ads stand out? To start, they exist where other types of out-of-home signage aren’t usually available—like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for example. By virtue of being street level, barricades come with countless customizable opportunities. They can be boards for wild posting or dynamic canvases for a hand painted, street-art style. They can play with angles and driver sightlines, or they can provide interactive experiences, leveraging foot traffic and encouraging passersby to share their unique finds on social media. We can also extend a creative to give it an optimal dimensional effect, or add motion-activated sound so that pedestrians can not only see the creative, but also “hear” the campaign as well. We can even backlight the ads for viewing through the night!

Contact us to learn more about how barricade ads can help you own the streets in untapped areas of Los Angeles.