When it comes to OOH advertising, Alchemy is always pushing the limits. We rose to the occasion when HBO needed a beachside custom mural for their hit show 100 Foot Wave, which follows star surfer Garrett McNamara as he tests the limits in Portugal, searching for a 100-foot wave to conquer. Such a massive story called for its message to be conveyed in a big way.

HBOMax 100 Foot Wave Wallscape Mural Venice Beach OOH Advertising Sky View

The 1st Foot: Execution

Alchemy dominates out-of-home advertising exposure from Marina Del Rey to Venice Beach. When hit with HBO’s request, we had the perfect location in our inventory: an enormous wall right on the infamous beach located near other wild posting spots. The location was perfect for the thousands of passersby to see, especially for Venice’s surfing population.

Local artist Kiptoe brought the concept to life, designing the creative for HBO and transforming the Venice wallscape into a vibrant and captivating display. Kiptoe’s work, along with Alchemy’s inventory, brought the HBO title to new heights.

HBOMax 100 Foot Wave Wallscape Mural Venice Beach OOH Advertising Boardwalk View

The 2nd Foot: Synchronicity 

Our ability to target the right audience created a true moment of serendipity during installation. While working on the mural, Kiptoe was approached by Garrett McNamara’s brother-in-law, a surfer who was also depicted in the artwork. Alchemy’s prime location created the opportunity for such a synced moment to occur, clearly reaching the target consumers that HBO was hoping for.

The Lasting Impact of OOH Advertising

Kiptoe noted in his YouTube vlog, “As I started putting on the finishing strokes and details of this big mural, I thought about what makes someone do something that seems crazy to many but a necessity for few. And I think what makes these humans special is that willpower for achievement, that desire to push themselves further, whether it’s a 100-foot wave or a 100-foot wall. That feeling of setting your sights past your fears and proving to yourself that it is possible is one of the most powerful feelings we can give ourselves. All it takes is a vision and a bit of courage.”

When you push the boundaries, it pays off. The success of this campaign not only brought thousands of eyes to the announcement of the show’s second season, it also demonstrated Alchemy’s dominance in the Venice area and ability to hyper-target audiences beyond wild posting.

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