Creative Sidewalk Graphics

Similar to traditional wild posting, sidewalk graphics are known for their affordability and citywide reach. Sidewalk graphics usually take the form of spray painted templates or vinyl decals strategically situated where people walk.

Ad Formats That Suit Your Needs

When thinking about street-level advertising, it’s important to consider consumer sightlines, or where people are looking. While many assume that people typically look straight ahead, recent studies show that most people look down at their smartphones while walking down the street. Sidewalk graphics capture that downward gaze with creative ads on walkways, in parking lots, before doorways, and at parking garage entryways.

We offer sidewalk graphics in two different formats:

  • Spray Chalk: A washable spray paint that is applied using a stencil. This budget-friendly format may have creative limitations, but is nonetheless popular.
  • Floor Graphics: A textured, non-slip vinyl decal that is designed to withstand any weather. Because these are digitally printed, there are no creative limitations outside of normal guidelines.

Alchemy’s Real Estate Is Entitled, for Your Peace of Mind

Sidewalk graphics originated as a form of guerilla advertising. Lacking proper permits, they upset city governments and property owners alike, which is a hassle for advertisers who invest in them. To avoid this, we created an upfront way to put your ads on sidewalks by partnering with property owners, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Case Study: Facebook Oculus

Alchemy created a can’t-miss street campaign to help Facebook Oculus generate engagement for its new Quest 2 home fitness program. Squares measuring 6.5’ by 6.5’ were installed in several locations throughout Los Angeles and New York to show people just how little space they needed to use the home exercise program. We strategically designed and placed floor graphics in spots that disrupted consumers’ daily activities, connecting them to the Oculus brand in intriguing, memorable ways. We combined these placements with several of our wild posting locations for an even bigger impact. Check out our Facebook Case Study to see how these posting types worked in tandem.

Want us to design a unique sidewalk graphics experience for your next campaign? Contact us to learn more about how floor graphics can boost your brand.