Inside Our Real Estate Partnerships

Alchemy will help you establish an additional revenue stream

Your property — whether in use, waiting on paperwork, or in construction — can offer valuable advertising space. Alchemy takes care of city permitting and site set-up (including prepping and taking down advertisements). So the only thing you have to think about is getting paid.

Here’s How It Works


Before the Ad Campaign

Alchemy works with respected, well-known advertisers. We clean the sidewalks, walls, and windows around the upcoming ad installation site. Frequently, we will install special panel frames on the side of your property, which will not damage the building. If your real estate is in L.A. and under construction, we may be able to install ad-friendly barricades around it. Throughout this process, Alchemy works without interrupting, or getting in the way of, your business or construction work


During the Ad Campaign

Presentation is paramount to us. We monitor and upkeep your ad site so it retains visual appeal. This may include cleaning trash, removing graffiti, and reposting ads. If we have installed a barricade around your property, we’ll clean up any vandalism and even replace the barricade in instances of obtrusive wear-and-tear.


Future Ad Campaigns

Our turnaround is quicker than any other street-level advertising company. The goal is to keep your site operational, while also primed for an ongoing stream of future advertising income. Check out some Case Studies of prior campaigns.

Contact our Real Estate team for more details about partnerships.