Artistic Graffiti Ads & Wall Murals

Graffiti ads and murals are great investments when you want to cut through the visual noise of other ads around your creative. These colorful and expressive paint-only ads create a “street-art” look for your brand.

Affordable, Creative Ads Where You Want Them

Alchemy has thousands of dedicated wild posting spaces throughout the country, covering every major market. We have inventory for any budget and it is all available to be painted, which allows us to offer more hand-painted spaces at lower prices than any other out-of-home advertising company.

Take Artistic Control While Letting Us Do the Work

Graffiti ads can range in size from small hand paints to sprawling murals. This variety gives you the freedom to create a campaign that suits your budget and creative needs. Alchemy has numerous painters on staff, which enables us to offer you a turn-key experience. (We can even translate photos into photo-realistic graffiti paint.) Once you show us your artwork, our team handles everything from set-up to painting the ad creative.

Alternatively, you are free to use your own painter! We’ll prep the space and provide a clean canvas for your artist of choice.

Your Graffiti Ads Support the Local Community

Graffiti ads also provide an opportunity to work with the local community in a positive way, such as hiring formerly incarcerated individuals to paint murals for the Max Payne video game as part of a nonprofit. We also have donated wild posting ad space in Los Angeles to give neighborhood children a creative outlet.

Have more questions about graffiti ads, or want us to start painting for you? Contact our team at