Financial Advantages of Partnerships

Your real estate can bring in revenue and take on additional value, even if it’s unoccupied

Your property comes with extra value, whether occupied or under construction. Alchemy turns it into an extra income stream for you, while handling all the logistics. The only thing you do is collect your check. Hear from our existing partners how Alchemy has benefitted their bottom line.

Turn a Profit During Construction

We can help you generate passive income through ad campaigns on your real estate, from construction to completion. With your approval, we strategically place advertising posters around your site, so that they reach the most foot traffic as possible. The more people they reach, the more often advertisers come back to you. Alchemy handles each phase of this process, from installing ads to taking them down and tidying up the location where they appear.

Secure Your Lot

In popular markets like L.A., we place barricades (or fencing) around your lot and post advertisements on them. This discourages trespassing and enhances your real estate’s appearance, especially when it’s under construction. We likewise monitor the campaign regularly, removing any trash and graffiti around the ad sites, and refreshing ad posters when necessary.

Offset Bottom-Line Costs

The taxes, maintenance, and construction costs that go into owning, building, and renovating property add up. We designed Alchemy partnerships to be turnkey solutions that can help cover some of those expenses.

Learn more about Real Estate Partnerships, or Contact our Real Estate Team to start adding value to your property now.