We own the best street-level sites, in the top markets in North America and across the pond. There’s two ways those sites can work for you – Traditional or Dedicated – but we’re flexible. If you need a hybrid of both – we’ll hook you up.


It’s what we all picture in our heads when we think of big-city, street-level advertising – a colorful mix of ads posted on walls, step-and-repeat style. With Traditional, your ad space is part of our expansive, cost-effective, high-traffic pool of locations throughout the market. If you’re looking for reach and frequency advertising, this is it.

Single Showing

2 Posters Per Location

(36″H X 24″W Posters)

Double Showing

4 Posters Per Location

(36″H X 24″W Posters)

Triple Showing

6 Posters Per Location

(36″H X 24″W Posters)

Half Showing

1 Posters Per Location

(72″H X 48″W Posters)

Single Showing

2 Posters Per Location

(72″H X 48″W Posters)


For those that want full control of our flexible large-format boards, there’s Dedicated. Choose any of our sites that you want and we give you complete creative freedom. Stick with our standard poster sizes or create your own custom layouts – it’s all up to you.

Large-Format Advertising

This is no place for wallflowers. Larger than life wallscapes combine the impact and presence of billboards with the immediacy of urban, street-level advertising. Just try to ignore one. Our large-format units get noticed in prime, high-traffic areas in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, like our “Roxy Boards” outside the world famous Roxy Theatre on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.


We created ‘em. We control ‘em. We love ‘em. There’s no better way to take advantage of empty plywood walls and chainlink fences than with your advertising. Depending on your needs, we sell them as traditional, dedicated, or both.


How’s this for in your face: Street-level window postings in prime locations, like Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side, SoHo, NoHo and the West Village. When it comes to you putting it out there for a visually sophisticated audience in a high-traffic environment, we think there’s no such thing as over-exposure.


Looking for something more engaging? We’ve executed some pretty ambitious campaigns in the past and are always looking to push the limits of our medium. Chances are we’ve been there done that, but however off-the-wall it might be – we’ll make it happen.

  • Murals
  • Graffiti
  • 3D Installations
  • Interactive
  • Tear-Away Posters
  • Sound Box
  • Social Media
  • Custom Sizes

Mobile Technology

As the premier urban street-level media company using mobile technology, we continue to take our medium to the next level. By incorporating mobile technology with wildposting, consumers can engage with your ads on their mobile devices. Our beacon-enabled locations use NFC short-form technology to push mobile ads and digital content to consumers walking by. We monitor and record impression numbers so you can see who’s interacting and where. This is game-changing stuff.

Real Estate

So you own real estate with a blank wall in a great location – why not have that space create long-term value for you? With a major presence in the top 20 domestic markets in the country, Alchemy has the knowledge, resources, and tools to turn walls into a lease income stream for our real estate partners. We research, create, facilitate, and manage your outdoor space. It’s a turnkey service, and all you have to do is sign up and wait for your check.


Whatever you have to say in whatever medium you choose, we can assist you with all production services from printing to installation. Need your campaign up fast? No one comes close to the speed and attentiveness of Alchemy. We can take your campaign from contract to the streets in as little as 24 hours. Let us make it happen.

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